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Wholesale Signs & Printing is a sign service, manufacturer and installation company in Westminster, California providing a variety of services. We can help your company with all your signage needs, from initial concept and design to sign maintenance.


Our expert team has many years of experience; therefore, we have the necessary knowledge to deliver outstanding customer service and quick turnaround for any kind of sign service, sign and electrical sign installation project. We can provide our customers singular or multi-location sign and electrical sign installation.






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  •   I stopped in today, I was greeted kindly and given the contact information.  My neighbors Jimmy & Juliana used them for their CROSSFIT business sign.  I was happily surprised Andrew called me immediately.  He read my email request and gave me appraisal estimate over the phone with some well direct advise.  I will definitely be using these folks when the land lord approves the channel letterings.  Meanwhile, I will see what I come up with for temporary sign.  

    Yes, in my opinion this business does deserve a 5 star rating.  

    I am a retired Marine I rather people be up front with me than bsing their way and Andrew was up front so I truly appreciate his candid advise.

    thumb Rene R.
  •   Great quality work and the best customer service!! I order  ed illuminated sign but later had to change to foam sign due to the city. Andrew was very patient and gave me many good suggestions. He also has an excellent idea to make the sign standout. The price is very reasonable! They really pay attention to your work. My monument sign, 4A Frame, wall sign, business cards were done by them. Thanks for excellent job!

    thumb Nadia S.
  •   I would none star for this business. They cant event read English. I came told them do the sign " BUY ANY MEAL GET ONE DRINK FREE". The guy put " buy 9 drinks get 1 meal free". So if they bring the whole family in then buy 9 drinks, so they get $200 plus meal free. So mad, I came to tell them to fix it and they said they can't; plus He promised with us that he will get everything done on time. He was late then he started bullshit for his mistake. He overcharged us. He said the grand opening banner is $75. He didn't do the logo nor the flyer, and he stilled charged us for those money too. Are you serious!!! Very low class and unprofessional. Look at his design so fucking horrible. He said one thing. The day after he says other things. Can't trust this liar low education. Don't come here. Check out the picture how this fob rephrase my orders.

    thumb Wynne N.
  •   So I came make deposit so he could do the sign for me. I canceled after because he couldn't finish on time. I asked is that ok if I can get back money. He said" it's ok don't worry just leave the money here, no one will take your money" Bitch please. When I came after to order menu, logo, flyer design. He couldn't finish on time and be rude to my sister. He said " you deposit and you find somewhere cheaper, you already lost your moeny" wtf dude. You just told me once and now you change your world. Horrible personality. Fucking low education. Trust me, keep in mind: no one is gonna come and do business with your fucking bullshit. Sorry for my words but I am so upset when I heard my sister told me. How they treated her.

    thumb Jaydon Smith Y.
  •   This a great place to get your projects done. The staff is friendly and the price is great. The machinery is top of the line and the have many different resources to get the job done.

    thumb Buu L.
  •   We ordered a vinyl sign on Friday and it was ready by Monday morning, quick turnaround time.  Easy location to find with plenty of parking.

    thumb Brian S.